We will fulfill ready projects or design and manufacture packages and packaging systems in compliance with your quality, safety, economy and logistics purpose expectations.
We own our machinery park and are able to produce trays of all sizes used in industry and logistics. We can propose a proper kind of material and packaging thickness that meet character and timeline of the project.

We are experienced in designing and producing trays for inter-seat operations and transport inside facilities.

Proper tray construction and selection of raw materials allow us to use trays for the whole period of the project duration (up to a few years).

Single-use trays are utilized in situations when their re-use, due to transportation distance, return organization or keeping the trays clean, is not economically reasoned or does not guarantee recurring starting quality. This situation requires suggesting optimal single-use package in terms of costs and keeping full transportation safety.

Construction of multi-use trays is a process requiring design of a firm and tough material that guarantees its functionality for the whole project timeline (up to a few years).
During designing works, not only are producer needs considered, but also storage conditions, transportation and product utilization in target companies.

Special construction of manufacturing forms allows production of transportation trays which are suitable for automatic positioning on assembly lines, cooperation with manipulators and automatic product application.

Tough and permanent consolidated packaging. Cygpak is an alternative to the whole range of containers and transportation boxes. Its advantage is the possibility of removing polypropylene wrapper and reduction of the empty package volume by 80 % in return transport.
Another advantage is a possibility to order a project dedicated package of any height (up to 1200mm).
Dynamic and static stacking of Cygpak and utilizing them in high racking warehouses is also possible.

Duopack is a modern form of module packaging that consists of thermally formed transportation trays. It is equipped in precisely prepared positioning nests, guaranteeing safe transportation and a light folding cover made of cellular propylene. The system allows building a transportation pile that consists of a tray and a cover alternately up to a maximum height of a stillage unit.

The packaging guarantees an ultimately recurring and safe transport for a wide range of special products of irregular shapes.

Duopack is a multi-use packaging, the volume of which is subject to reduction down to 60-70% after folding in a return transport.