Inserts for games and educational sets. Packaging is made of attested and safe for users materials.
PET colourless or black material. Alternatively PS material of any colour.

Drapiece used for sets of consumable products. Drapiece are usually placed inside a retail package. Their function is to raise aesthetics and value of the product.
Material PS flok, PS of any colour, colourless or black PET.

Drapiece for consumable products. Metalized material considerably increases aesthetic value of a product. Metalized material is tested according to requirements that allow its utilization in food and drink industry.

Metalized gold PET material.

Expositors for cosmetic, food and drink and industry products. Material used allows any diversification of colours. Expositors can be made of glossy or matt materials.

We prepared a wide range of forms for distances and linings for building industry. We designed a technology of manufacturing durable and precise forms for building distances.

A proposal of packaging for electrotechnical industry.
Positioning tray for gas meters cases and their components. A project comprises more than several models of cases. As the projects vary in details, colour is their identifier.
Tray 1200 x 800 mm. HDPE material.

A system of tray units allows creating a twinsheet special packaging effect.

Tray units guarantee ultimate quality of protection against mechanical damage and pollution, as well as, full logistic functionality for sensitive products made of metal or polymer.
Material PS.

Assembly covers secure electronic circuits of electronic units. A product secured in this way is delivered to an automatic production line while covers are removed by a manipulator prior to a final assembly process.
Material PS ESD Cond.

Transparent lattices made of solid materials are resistant to temperature and chemical bath. Transparent lattices are used for cleaning steel parts before the final assembly.

Special constructions for internal technological processes. Milled CNC bracket system for positioning absorbers in external surface processing.

Shelved trays made in CNC technology for inter-seats operations. PokaYoke guarantees proper detail positioning which assures harmonious assembly.
Materials used allow processes of finishing details to be conducted in high temperature and in chemical environment.

Tough and permanent consolidated packaging. Cygpak is an alternative to the whole range of containers and transportation boxes. Its advantage is reflected in the possibility of removing polypropylene wrapper and reduction of the empty package volume by 80 % in return transport. Another advantage is a possibility of ordering a package dedicated to a project realized of any height up to 1200mm. Dynamic and static stacking of Cygpak and utilizing them in high racking warehouses is also possible.